Tomorrow’s Fears…


God did not mean for us to be alone, the

days seem longer than grains of sand by

the sea; nights longer than stars in the

Heavens when the opposite side of the bed

is cold next me.

Tears flow, laughter’s slow; no one there to

challenge the spirit to live with a certain blazing

flare; the joys are now beyond reach, floating

far beyond the nearby reefs.

The truth burns brighter, the earth is no longer

at its best, friends are few; relief comes when the

sun is absorbed by the deep waters to the west.

When one’s eyes are closed and reach for that

invisible hand, speaking softly where only one

can hear; finally fading eyes close, it is only

tomorrow that one fears.



3 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s Fears…

  1. Elizabeth, that’s so beautiful. HL and I are getting up there in age and there’s hardly a day goes by that thoughts like that don’t drift through my mind — not wanting to stay here alone, but not wanting he to be alone either.

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