Cabin in the Meadow

10.Cabin in the Meadow

Cabin in the Meadow

10 X 12  Watercolor

Northern Alabama Two-Pen cabin, a central opening with one room on either side, built in 1929; it was a sharecropping place where my daddy lived and work, already ten years old when I was born.  In 1950 my parents and my aunt rented the place as a summer home until it was vandalized and burned down in 1954.  The painting was created from memory.


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  1. I have a painting of my family’s cabin in the Uintah Mountains. Still there since 1967, but beetles killed most of the pine trees around it. Now it’s mainly festooned with quaking asps. Doesn’t hardly look like the same place. My folks (who built it themselves) would be so heartsick if they could see what happened to the forest…

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