On a warm summer day, an old soul returned to a

place where parts of it remain for years. Waiting

while misplaced pieces of it floated through life on

waves of tears. Many gathered on this day all had the

same ancestral blood flowing through their veins. Some

came out of respect; the unbroken circle… was there for


These mortals had tried to keep the old soul away from this

final commemoration. They did not care about its many years

of painful isolation. Death had not fractured the unbroken circle

had gone unchanged for years. The return of this old soul brought

to the cloistered multitude panic and fear.

Disregarded, invisible with no right to be heard, the Old soul was

damned in their every fearful word. Watched closely, made to feel

like a thief, an intruder daring to be a part of their hypocritical grief.

The old soul tried to enter this circle of mourning, doors slammed in

its face. A reminder of why it was not wanted in this protected place.

Unwanted at birth, cast out on a journey at an incredible cost, to

penetrate the unbroken circle was a battle that would forever be lost.

The old soul believed there was a time to grieve, a time to pray. A

time to remember when an innocent soul simply forgotten and tossed


On soft breezes, those that gathered could be heard with a pretense

of moans. Their voices echoed memorials where truth was silenced the

real story hidden, inside of the unbroken circle truth forbidden. The old

soul stared down at a mound of dirt waiting for love that the grave could

not offer, while the unbroken circle gathered and divided their coffers.

A loving soul had returned to where a part of it remained years, it gathered

up the pieces of its heart and wiped away its tears. The shattered old soul

had returned on that warm summer day, to grieve the loss of never hearing

“I love you” or feeling a parent’s gentle touch. It needed to tell the unbroken

circle when children are unloved their lives are crushed.


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    1. As you well know all of our(mine and your’) comes from an experience, the heart…this came from the day of my mothers’ funeral. She would not care for me when I was born as she did not want another child, I lived with my fathers’ sister until I was big enough to walk them he cared for me. She let it be known that she never wanted me and I kept going back even as an adult. Three years before she died she told me to stop coming back that I was not wanted there. I was 53 and I guess it took I never saw her alive again! Then “Shattered” was born from the day of the funeral. Love to you hopefully we can get through another year with the help of our Angels. Ann

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