Who Will Weep


Where does a love that has died go; does it slip away slowly like summers fading rose, did it die peacefully just go to sleep; did anyone weep?

Was it created in Heaven, sweet and fair, like the blue sea, sandy beaches and salty air?

When the once quivering bodies are stilled and no longer able to keep each other warm; was the parting sad, were sorrowful screams heard over the darkening skies and midnight storm.

In the dead of night do the souls fly away, do the Heavens cry when love dies?

When hope leaves do lovers mourn, smiles vanish, and do lovers weep endless days.

The journey in love, a sparkling path touched by the sun’s rays, they loved deeply together, and love was home.

When love fades away fear and doubts make a lonely bed; are the rains tears for a lost love that the Heavens have shed?



3 thoughts on “Who Will Weep

  1. Lovely! I enjoyed reading some of your poetry. Thank you for following my blog flutterings and liking my poem Desolate Destiny. I must return the follow and check back to read more!


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