Awakening the Heart…


In anticipation of journeys end the soul

shrouds itself in love, as it travels through

the rampant winds of unknown tomorrows

aware of paths leading into happiness or


Created within a universe filled with mystery,

if life beyond the grave is what we believe then

why in death do we grieve? As children, our lives

are open to the wisdom of those who would be our

caretakers; we have faith that they are wise decision


If we believe that our souls descended from that

mysterious place beyond the universe created by a

loving entity; then must we accept as truth the promise

that love will surround us for all eternity?

We struggle as young adults to find our way through life

while it is our parent’s beliefs that we are taught.   To

disagree we soon find that this battle of one’s freedom in

self-belief is one not easily fought.

Fighting against rule makers is a waste of time; their beliefs

are set in stone and to change them is impossible as they

shut their eyes and close their minds, as childhood and

youth fades away it leaves a confused soul. Are we holding

onto crumbling pages filled with knowledge and truth never


The desire for truth and serenity dwells in our hearts, life’s

forces us to open our eyes. We must never forget that love

and truth are never far apart.


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