Standing in a River Dying of Thirst


Standing in a River Dying of Thirst…

Senses frozen in time while the heart

orchestrates a symphony of happiness

and fear creating a painful bliss, life

extends beyond the depths of vision and

the world waits in silence like the aftermath

of a storm.

Unseen forces of the spirit and soul carry

dreams to paradise, beyond cliffs called

doubt, and it is there that one will find the

land where love is born.

Life can be a ship in turbulent waters or a

house built on rock; love survives when two

spirits, their hearts and souls journey through

life hand in hand.

Love is the resonance of faith and devotion

throughout eternity; love may cascades over

rocky streams filled with uncertainties before

flowing into a river of contentment.

Some find it and some do not; there are those

who just stand in the river waiting for that perfect

love to float by… while dying of thirst.


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