Fragments of Yesterday…


Fragments of Yesterday

In the dusty corners of yesterday are

buried fragments of humanity, ancient

history, forgotten mothers, fathers,

children, good, evil, and beyond death

a veiled ambiguous world that is still a


A people that after millions of years of

evolution, cannot see the reality of it all;

the human race learns nothing they

endlessly continue their destructive


Blood drenched roads from barbarity to

civilization measured by the futility of the

enlightened, and those sacrificed are


As humans, we judge others by our own

beliefs, we recoil, we threaten, we kill, and

the blood of virtue we continue to


Millions of years from now when barren land

reaches as far as the eyes can see; will the

dusty corners of yesterday show fragments of

how we destroyed humanity, will the veiled

curtain of death no longer be a mystery.


8 thoughts on “Fragments of Yesterday…

  1. Thanks for the follow, an stopping by to have a read…

    Gift to Nature

    As the vail of yesterday
    follows the wind.
    Hundred dollar bills
    cover the ground
    as if gone astray!

    Aged buildings
    spread across
    the now
    forgotten ground.
    Society along
    within humanity
    heading hellbound..

    Their blood
    filled virtues,
    a karma debt
    those long past
    murderous attempts
    an wronged

    a loving gift
    nature could’ve
    done without!



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