Every Day is a Great Mystery


Living with Grace and Spirit believing in the existence of God creates an everyday fight between the mind and spirit.  Believing that God has set down in life’s book a predestine path to walk is a struggle between faith and doubt.

The disbelief in a God leaps out of the undergrowth of insecurity and becomes a poison racing through the veins of trust, and the pathway through life becomes a thicket of mistrust and betrayal.

Get off that path and trust in what you believe in, whatever your beliefs enjoy your life; enjoy the world we live in because Heaven may be the air we breathe and the joys of our lives.

Stop being a victim someone else’s convictions; create your own joy, measure your blessing, and do not let others define who you are, or what you believe; you can believe without proof.  Look at the injustices placed in your path as lessons, resist learning and you may miss life and the delights it offers.

May the path you walk be blessed.  eajm 



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