Honey Wine – A 100 Word Story



Honey Wine

Serena knew that beauty had an ending, that all things fade and die she was in the winter of her years.  All her friends were gone as was much of her family, some forgotten like goldenrods falling to dust upon the wind.  Her eyes yearned, her heart bled for love, she kept repeating the words…

“Old, old, old.”

The clouds of time have spun away like fall she now waited for the last leaf to drop.  All that was left was the sweet memories like Honey wine.  Please she whispered let it go quickly…

“I am so tired of time”.







15 thoughts on “Honey Wine – A 100 Word Story

      1. Yes I did mean “Your” comments; yet yes I love you too. Your personality shows through your writing and always an enjoyable read. I have had “shingles” for over a month now so who knows what may come out in my writing. Your a great and kind follower; yes I have my favorites! Sue me! Ann

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      2. Aw I was just harassing you but accept everything you said to heart 🙂 I’m so sorry to hear about the shingles, that is really painful (had a friend go through it). I hope it is getting better for you! And yes likewise, Ann, I think of you fondly too :):)


  1. A poignant piece. We all reach old age at some point in time. I’m hovering at the edge right now and don’t want to step inside. I hope I’ll never become tired of time, but who knows? I love your title and the way you’ve used it in the text. 🙂

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  2. So very sad, but beautiful at the same time! I can remember my mother being lonely in the sense that all her friends had passed away and she was limited when it came to doing various things. She was happy to be alive, she had her family, but she really missed her friends and others in the family that had passed.

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