Donald Trump – Fire and Fury – My Opinion…


Donald Trump – Fire and Fury – My Opinion…

Donald Trump in his “twisted” way of thinking in reference to the talk of Korea attacking Guam has warned “North Korea to not make any more threats to the United States; they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen”.

I have lived for almost eight decades and with these extreme things Mr. Trump has said, scares the “Hell out of me”!  This is of course not my President and I am not a certified historian but I believe that we have never had a President like him.  I say that I am not going to read or listen to his “bullying” any longer; then he goes and opens his mouth again.  I am embarrassed by this president.

Mr. Trump on a daily basis puts fear into the hearts of the people everywhere; a person who invokes terrorism in the pursuit of political endeavors.  He is a fanatic, uncompromising, and a radical incendiary.  I cannot understand how he commands and gets praised as a business or political leader, he commands and gets media attention; it sells newspapers, magazines and books.

I have been a student of history since grammar school, that along with living during “War” times.  This man strikes fear into my heart, what does that make him; I know that I am writing about him as well; however, it is all just my opinion.

Nonetheless, the Wars of my era begin with World War II, officially as we all know it began on December 7, 1941, but war is always going on somewhere in this world.  For the Chinese war began in 1931, For Europe, war began in 1939.  I am originally from Alabama and by the end of 1940, President Roosevelt had called up almost 4,000 Alabama National Guardsmen, they joined men from Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida.  By the 1941, 350,000 Alabama men had registered with draft boards.

The effect World War II had on my family was two Uncles who all joined before being drafted, one in the Alabama National Guard and one the regular army.  My Uncle Curtis was sent into Germany in 1939; my Uncle Author was sent to Europe in 1940 and was at Dunkirk.  Neither came home until the fall of 1945.  Curtis spent six years in Europe; Author,  four years, MIA for one of those years.  They all remain forever scarred by their experiences.

By 1950, Author, who remained in the Alabama National Guards since WW II, and two more uncles, Buddy and Frankie, joined the Guards.   I also had a brother-in- law who joined the Army 1950-1953.   Buddy and Author remain in the Korean Conflict from 1950 to 1953; Frankie and Buddy were sent to Korea in 1950.  Frankie was injured and sent home shortly after arriving, as Author remain there until 1953.  The brother-in-law also stayed from 1950-1953.

Curtis was emotionally not able to return to the Army.  My son was in the Air Force for six years serving during peacetime and my son-in-law spent thirty-years in the Air Force 1980-2010.  My husband served in the Army from 1953 to 1956.  My family has given a total of over seventy-years in the service of our country; I do not want to see my grandchildren in a “War” or to have my entire family in “War” should it come to US  soil.


I have lived during the cold war nuclear era and bomb shelters.  I was only nineteen – years – old and had three children; we lived within thirty miles of the Redstone Arsenal at Huntsville, Alabama.  My father-in-law wanted to build an underground bomb shelter in our back yard.  Above ground it looked like a huge holding tank as goes in septic systems, one had to crawl down a ladder into the “tank” where there would be four bunk beds, toilet system, shelves filled with food, water and other needs that would last up to six-months.  The air filtering system was approved by the builders of the bomb shelters.  I only had one question for their grandfather after thanking him for trying to keep my children safe; I ask, “What am I going to do after six-months below ground, watch my children die when we have to come out; or worse for me to die leaving small children alone.  Yes, I have lived through all of that, including the Cuban Conflict and every War or Conflict thereafter.  I have lost friends in Vietnam, worried about my son being called back to service during the Gulf War.  There is not a family on US soil that has not been touched by war; I am so tired of war and talk of war.

I will end this lengthy post with “Trump” which he must have grabbed from the pages in history of Joe McCarthy; too many of us remember McCarthyism.  Trump does a good job at it and it appears that most Americans do not care.  He is more concerned with his ratings than with the country as a whole.

McCarthy was great at feeding the news media information that would bring the attention back to him.  He was as Trump kept his “fellow Americans” in fear, uncertain about their future and always in doubt.  Eventuality, I have hope that Trump will have the same outcome and McCarthy; he like McCarthy is reckless, lacks any real skills or abilities to be President of my country.  Elizabeth Ann Johnson-Murphree



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  1. You have the courage to write how you feel and in my view, are voicing the opinions of very many of us. What is really frightening is that he still has many millions of supporters who fail to see what you and I and the rest of the world is seeing. The man is Not My President either and is not worthy of the position.

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  2. He makes my skin crawl! He is the most obnoxious, unpleasant, odious individual I think I’ve ever seen. I don’t think he actually has two brain cells to rub together and the only thing in his very small brain is to gain more and more power. The funny thing is that I also believe he’s a man who deep down will actually never be happy whatever he has – he’ll always have that nagging sense of not being good enough. A sad individual to be sure.

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