HITLER vs. TRUMP-a comparison and my opinion…


HITLER vs. TRUMP-a comparison and my opinion…


Hitler meant to wipe out the physical embodiment of social equality in Germany, the conflagration provided the first step down a path that led to Hitler’s dictatorship and to the most devastating war, the world has ever known. This was no accident.

(Did Trump purchase plants that can produce war ammunitions and other destructive weapons that will bring him profit; is that why he is pushing for the possibility of War? Trump is using his bullying tactics about FIRE AND FURY is no accident either.)

Nazis succeeded in marginalizing the rest of the government through political tricks as well as brute force. Police was in charge of imprisoning anyone who was an enemy of Hitler and journalists massively disappeared behind bars.

(In Trumps’, case its “You’re fired”. He has had a staff turnover every day, almost since he was elected.  Although he has used the news media for his own purpose, he calls every thing printed or televised as FAKE. )

Hitler quickly became popular when he promised change. Hitler blamed the Jews for losing WW I, therefore he promised to get rid of the Jews, improve the economy and make Germany just as powerful as it use to be.


Then comes such statements as, Trump saying “North Korea better get their act together or they are going to be in trouble like few nations having ever been in trouble.” He also said that it was time that someone stood up to Kim Jong Un.  Doesn’t Trump know you do not go about handling an Idiot in this manner?

Then I wake this morning to our Idiot’s view on NK attacking Guam. In addition, I quote, “If there is one thing that Guam does not have to worry about while in the nuclear cross hairs of North Korea, its tourism. Trump also said that the threat would boost Guam tourism “tenfold.”

Hey, I looked it up in the dictionary, Idiot… an utterly foolish or senseless person. thKZOPHWAPYep, there it is a picture of Trump.


But Hey, all of this is just my opinion!  Elizabeth Ann Johnson-Murphree


8 thoughts on “HITLER vs. TRUMP-a comparison and my opinion…

  1. Both the current antagonists are so similar, acting like spoiled children who refuse to back down. One has absolute power and the other one seems to think he has it – I just hope the Republicans come to their senses and remind him just who it is he serves. Then again, he’s so full of himself I doubt he spends a moment thinking about anyone else outside his family. You’re right, his actions so far mirror those of Hitler – gagging the press, shutting out criticism, getting rid of anyone who spoke against him. I sit here, across the pond, and watch and listen in disbelief as America’s great democracy is threatened by this megalomaniac on a daily basis.
    I apologise if my thoughts are out of order, I’m not an American, but Trump’s ridiculous antic threaten us all.

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  2. The comparison to Hitler is something I’ve thought of since he opened his mouth as president.

    I’m Canadian and maybe you say I have no idea of what is happening in your country. I’m sure I don’t know it as well as you who are living through it though. But to hear that 250 people a day are seeking asylum here, that the majority are Haitian families when a year ago that would have been unthinkable. Now a reality.
    Stay safe ❤

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    1. You as well as I have the right to speak up when your neighbor is pushing the world on the brink of war. It is as if I am living sixty years ago all over again. I admit, I wished I were in Canada as well as many others when Trump became president. Thank you so much Patrice for your welcomed comment. E.

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