womanwriterblogMonday November 6, 2016…
Out of Rehab, this has been the longest 25 days of my life. I am one who bounces back quickly; it took me a little longer this time. To share with all of you and especially those who sent words of encouragement, first thank you for being there for me.
Twenty-five days ago, I was conscious, but collapsed when leaving the restaurant with my children. The children rushed me to the hospital where over the next 9 days I had every test known possible, bed ridden no less. A mild stroke and in the test results found I had at some point had several silent mini strokes. Mid during that time I experienced some speech problems which corrected itself within 24 hours. I was alert during this time, I knew what I was trying to say, it just came out in some sort of strange language that I did not understand.
On the seventh day in the hospital, they found that I had “Sepsis”. I was place on an IV with antibiotics for the next 14 days. Next came the transfer from hospital to a Rehab Center, i.e., nursing home/rehab where I had to mentally adjust to being surrounded by those I believe to be much worse off than I am.
Eleven days in Rehab, I was released to go home with minimal help. The results, you cannot keep a stubborn woman down. I have lost some balance skills; hand motion…cannot type 90 words a minute any longer. Every day brings a new challenge and every day I work to meet it head on.
Once home I begin research on my new book which I have titled “Splinters in My Lifetime”. With my mind undamaged, I feel so very lucky. I may type slower, but the desire of the many things I want to write has not changed.
I am on the mend dear blogger friends and will enjoy reading all of your wonderful work that I have missed this past month.

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  1. Welcome back. I didn’t know this happened to you but in reading this now I am grateful that you have the ability to recover (as much as you can right now) after that scary ordeal. It helps to focus on what you can do. It’s always so jarring going through something like that. Small steps, a little at a time, baby steps and you’ll find ways to adapt in some frustrations and even overcome others. Sending Hugs~

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