Bits and Pieces of Love…


Bits and Pieces of Love…
The box of Christmas ornaments hidden away spilled onto the floor; memories flooded back, two children taken from their mother. Frozen in time, she picked up the handmade treasures; paper, ribbon, bits and pieces of love formed into special ornaments that her children had made for her.
Tonight she sat a wounded soul and wrote a letter that she had not written since she was a child.


Dear Santa Clause,
There are just a few wishes on my list this year. Leave me a sign that my children know how much they are missed. Leave me a box of magic needles and thread to mend my heart. Maybe a bag of Christmas Spirit filled with love to ease the pain of what I lost. Do you still remember me Santa after all of these years; do you remember how your gifts could wipe away my childhood tears? I know that I have ask for a lot, but can I have a reason to live tied up in a shiny new box; seven years…a long time to grieve, please Santa with all my heart in Heaven I want to believe.
Love, Ann




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