Charging into the Future…

Dragon software th

Most of you know of the health problems that has challenged me over the past two years, first the heart decided to give me a jolt to my future if I did not change my lifestyle. This past year, 2017, was to bring humility to my life in the way of a stroke. It seemed as if each new challenge was trying to teach me something. The leftover of the stroke after rehab was a continued tiredness, which kept me from doing my daily things such as walking 6 miles with my dog Mason three times a day. Going to the gym, working out on the treadmill and other equipment no less than two hours free times a week. I have had to put all of this behind me and try to move forward with being grateful for the things I can do.

A big part of my life is writing it would seem that I have nerve damage in both arms; this in turn affects my hands. The right hand has a permanent trimmer; the left-hand three fingers are useless, today. Tests were run to give some conclusion as to where I stand with this problem. It would appear that this is permanent, now I began another journey.

I am able to walk perfectly and upright for short distances, if I go to the mall or any open outing. I have to be smart enough to take the Walker that I truly dislike. When you read that karma is a bitch, believe it. I have said in the past that I would never use a walker, wrong, when it was my only means of moving about. It became my best friend.

Which brings me to my new best friend, Dragon, it allows me to transcript all of my writing voice to text and I love it. No longer with the useless fingers are hands and my having to backtrack and correct of words that my fingers typed it. My brain did not tell it to do, Dragon set up quickly. It adapted quickly to my voice and writing style. I am promoting this software to anyone that it would make their life easier, it is user-friendly and it puts me back into this new journey, this new time of my life, it has allowed me to continue doing the things that I love. This software is from Amazon, it is not cheap nor is it overly priced, have a choice of choosing several different types. Thanks to all of you for your loyalty and support, let us travel this new journey together.


Dragon software th

17 thoughts on “Charging into the Future…

  1. You are a tough, creative lady and the creativity will always come through. I know, been there, done that. I too am learning to walk again in 2018, and we both shall succeed, if the Lord wills it. I send you blessings, energy, and strength. Our ailing world needs the beauty of poets and artists. Our mission is not yet done.

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    1. Oh I appreciate your message, I believe that we do not give ourselves enough time to heal. That includes, sickness, management of our daily lives and the drama that is pushed upon us, the world needs to slowdown and heal just as we do. Thank you for your much appreciated comment.


  2. Right, good for you, Elizabeth, that sounds like a good solution. Likewise, I have some limited experience with Dragon, which I got for the purpose of transcribing stacks of yellow pads full of notes to my computer without having to type it and I agree it works reasonably well. Good it works for you!

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  3. Bill and Elizabeth, I didn’t have the use of my right hand/wrist for two years from a car accident. I used DRAGON in its infancy, but it was better than not writing at all. I’m sure it’s even better now! Good for you, Liz. Your poetry, writing, and artwork is an inspiration to all of us. We need you, my dear!

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