Life’s Seasons…


26.Black Wing Dragonfly
Black Wing Dragonfly by Elizabeth Ann- Watercolor-2010



Life’s Seasons…

Making yourself live without contact with others,

you are doomed. Like the flowers of summer

without human contact, the soul may cease to bloom.
Time and stillness may be an important need; to

reject sharing life with others, may be the greatest

form of greed. Purpose has its seasons, life follows

a well-planned path; your journey has a reason.
Clearing the mind and restoring the spirit will smooth

any rutted road; listen, there is a plan of how your life

should unfold. You may be on the right path today; the

journey may seem rough, the essence and energy of your

spirit will find the true way.
“Gratefulness, awareness and God’s grace is woven within

the fabric of your being for a reason. Devote today to

discovering your true self create your own season.”



Rise and Kill the Beast…



Rise and Kill the Beast…


She woke, rising from her bed; the next stop in front of the long mirror in her bedroom. My God, she thought there in the mirror was an old woman thin lips, long gray hair, crevices lining her face. She watched the face turn pale, fear rose from the pit of her stomach closing off her breath. Suddenly she grasps the sides of her face stretching her cheeks upward until the face was smooth. When had this happen, it was her face in the mirror! Was it during the dense darkness of the night that this happen? She open her mouth to say something, the words’ fell upon her ears anxious, a sham, her heart beat faster and fear hung in her mouth like hot lava. What is next, hopelessness, death? This is the stage in life that people pray to their God for their sins, or whatever they have done wrong, the end could be near, was this fear.

Where did the time go, the long dark braids, the nimble fingers and graceful body? The body that played tennis, rode a bike, skied over rough waters, time was so short. She was a person that shields her spirit from the darkest, deepest pits of the Hell and learns to tolerate life. Someone, whose body gave birth, lived with the Devil’s own spawn until her escape. The one who refuse to cry or shrivel in fear as she waited for the feel of a fist.
Someone who waited for the long fingers to clutch around her neck, then in the light of day hide the truth and lies, live in mystery so no one would know. She trembled but let out no sign of fear. The body allows tears to fall after the evil thing had gone away. She tried to flatten herself upon the bed made of stones, her mind fled before she could breathe the stagnant air before the extravagant retreat.

These pains were hard to bare, the Devil’s spawn wanted groveling, her throat already like splintered wood, why had fate brought her to this doomed place, imprisoned her to live and be lost forever. To live in torment and dire despair, her spirit continuous crawling through the fires of hell, and she wailed her doom to the pits darkness. Never knowing a peaceful life, a loving or genteel life denied. Her mind always filled with wisdom and untouched by the suffering. Sure, she was defeated, but she would someday rise and kill the Beast.








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The Beast has no fears or tears…



The deep voice foul and inflamed cast its disgusting

face toward the gentle and the brave. Some said do

not listen to the lusting rage of the golden haired

Beast who wants to be called prince. He scorns the

Justice of God; the Beast rages on day and night, it

never recoils. Many minds quickly became splintered

fissures, torn by the evil of this Beast; these people,

their minds seized could see no guilt in its actions, or

those who encouraged his deceit.


Greed gives power to those who listen to the Beast with

its insatiability to rule and those who praise its vices,

their lives become fully surrendering to their blindness.

The darkness that the Beast spreads across the land is

called doomed; it is a mockery of what the people once

knew. Does no one oppose this creature from Hell? No,

they soon become weary souls lost within the claws of

its contamination. The Beast is spreading a life of

splendor, all the while depriving many souls of truth.


This Beast is a serpent, those who follow in its path

become deaf to its words, and he claims to be godlike.

It dwells above human law, as people walk a dark,

narrow and steep path to build his greatness, his

followers will struggle in slime while the Beast

spreads its rage. The air that once smelled sweet

now nothing more than a stench of a murky swamp,

most choking on the wrath that one must endure to

please and promote the Beast who is untouchable in

the highest of places looking down upon its own created



The Beast has no tears or fears, damned are those who

praise its glory, damned are those who wallow in its

kingdom feeling the gnashing of its teeth. It is the wailing,

deplorable and unceasing, that will be heard over what

was once the land of greatness and plenty. Laughter can

be heard within the walls of those who served him. The

gentle Sage will come and the Beast will turn its head

away. There will be fear and anguish, people will see the

heat of his messages go cold, the beast will fall before the

people, and it will have no words. He will walk into hell

unhindered and descend upon the path trembling, his

time over, his voice stilled by the Sage.








An accumulation of thoughts meant to go into a post the day before Easter, did not get into writing on the subject of God and what happens after we die came to the forefront. For days, I had gone into an earlier period, my search of Earth a mere 100 million years ago or so. Then as I moved forward, I found a time approximately 4.6 billion years where the solar system was no more than a cloud of dust and gas. In this search, experts said that gravity collapsed in on itself and began to spin, forming the Sun in the center. Then with the rise of the Sun, material began to cluster together.
I am certain that there are many of you that know a great deal more than I do, as I know little about the creation of our Earth, even though I know the Bible quiet well. Then the research said that debris got larger and larger until they take on a spherical shape and form a planet. An object will become a true planet when it clears all the remaining debris from its orbital path. So there you go, research tells us that the creation of earth comes from this action in space. Then we begin the process of evolution, something crawled off the pond scum, and this slow process eventually became human.
Then my research took me to a Bishop James Ussher a 17th-century chronology of history of the world formulated from a literal reading of the Old Testament and declares that Adam was created about 4004 BC. The same article said that God created the world right before suppertime on October 23, 4004 BCE. It goes on to say, that Adam and Eve were created October 29, 4004 BCE, it being the sixth day. No matter what I believe, this is a hard pill to swallow.
The next useful information gave me the opposite side of the coin, one being EVOLUTION and the other being GOD’S CREATIONS.
It is said, probably since the beginning of time that, God fashioned Adam from dust and places him in the Garden of Eden. God told Adam that he could till the ground and eat freely of all the trees in the garden, except for a tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Then Eve is created from one of Adam’s ribs to be Adam’s companion. There has to be a great deal of faith to believe this story. They are innocent and not embarrassed about their nakedness.
Then, a serpent deceives Eve into eating fruit from the forbidden tree, and she gives some of the fruit to Adam. These acts give them additional knowledge, and it gives them the ability to conjure negative and destructive concepts such as shame and evil. God later curses the serpent and the ground. God prophetically tells the woman and the man (I am assuming that he told them their names) what will be the penalty of their sin of disobeying Him. Then He banishes them from the Garden of Eden.
Well Folks, I don’t think my daddy never went to church a day in his life unless it was a funeral and neither did the two other people that were important in my life. My Native American Great-Great Grandmother and an African-American woman. My mother went to church sometimes, and then she would ask the preacher to Sunday dinner. Nevertheless, my mother forced me to walk to the Rural Grove Baptist Church every Sunday morning with or without her.
In these latter years, I asked myself what I got out of those 11 years of walking up a hill both ways to the church. Well now, there was always Sunday dinner on the church grounds. I was told not to eat there, I was to come home, that did not stop me from going to the dessert table and then I ran all the way home to make up the time. In church, I have to see the preacher screaming Hell and Damnation. This brought the “Amen’s” out of everyone.
Old lady Waddell would be wearing that red dress my grandpa Vest gave her so many years ago, it had been washed so many times it was almost pink. He came to church every Sunday just to see her. Then he would return home to his wife and their eight children. He had lost his farm because he was too lazy to work and his children were grown and moving on with their life.
Then there was Mr. and Mrs. Ragsdale. Someone must have told them that they could sing. I would sometime stare at the ceiling wondering if those cracks came from them yelling, they held the notes long after everyone stopped singing. They would be yelling, “We shall gather at the river.” I would like to toss both of them in that river. However, I was not big enough to toss them into that river.
In the summer time, I would go to church with bare feet, like many of the country kids. It was a poor church; dress was what you had that was not to worn out. Only Mrs. Waddell dressed up, in that store bought dress my grand daddy bought her, now pink. I was a precocious child who took pride in commenting Mrs. Waddell on her dress, and then I would add…my granddaddy likes red too. My foundation for religion began in that tiny white church in Rural Grove Baptist Church perched on top of Burleson Mountain.
I believed in God and Jesus his son. I sat quietly listening to how we were all going to hell, and he mentioned many of the sins that were brought into church that day. All I had done was to tell Old Lady Waddell her dress was pretty! The way he was looking down at Mrs. Waddell I thought she might be getting a new church dress any day now. The next Sunday my mother would be sitting next to me and the preacher might be coming to dinner. He sure loved my mothers’ cooking.
Being raised by a Spiritual Native American great-grandmother, a very much-loved African American woman, and my Daddy, my values on such matters as spirituality were normal, I followed in their footsteps back then just as I do today. I was baptized into the Baptist church, when I became an adult I taught Sunday school for ten years. I want to believe in God because the wonders that are preached, I will most certainly see my daughter that passed in 2010, without that hope life might be unbearable for me.
Then I saw this…


“Is not necessary to believe in God to be a good person. In a way, the traditional notion of God is outdated. One can be spiritual but not religious. It is not necessary to go to church and give money, for many, nature can be their church. Some of the best people in history never believed, while some of the worst deeds have been done in his name.”
Pope Francis


Finally after all these years, I find that the teaching of my daddy and those other two wonderful women were right, and going to church is right too, we have free will to make the choice that is best for ourselves. Believe or not believe, you can answer you own question.

Misery’s Problems…



Misery’s Problems…

Misery has sent many souls Hell. They condemn

themselves; a mournful cry comes from their place

of unrest. They cry for what they wanted in life and

did not get, they could not be satisfied with what they

had, misery prevailed. They have helped destroy the

In the beginning there was cold, unceasing and

relentless rain, there seem to be a mutation of the earth

as the decades went forward with minds unchanged.

Days were heavy with hail, turbid waters mixed with

cold and snow, fiery had a tight hold on the waters that

covered the earth, still many humans could not see the

doom and darkness upon the earth.
Their souls are putrid, the soil of the earth is foul, above

them the ravens swarm in and out of the acid sky, the

beast of the earth roams follow grounds. Each of those

misery humans fell to the ground gathering handfuls of

soil casting it into the hollows of the earth. They now

know that gluttonous greed will bring rancid air and their

belly’s growl like the beast of the night with hunger.
There are many who tried to save Earth, they toiled in the

dead ground and prayed for blessings, they watch the

writhing shadows of misery, it was too late. Everyone hungry,

cold, uncomforted, everyone will die for the mistakes of few.

The waters both salty and fresh began to dry, cracks became

vast and deep. The land was soft and filled with bugs and worms.

The air clogged their lungs they cried and they prayed it was

too late. Those who did not believe that one day we would destroy

the Earth now became sinful spirits living in irrevocable doom.
There are those that believed the earth was being destroyed,

there are those who tried to find a resolve for these worldwide

conditions. To those that did not believe the earth was dying,

became accusers living in great pain. Warnings from the sinners

were no more than strange words, there is no way that we can

reach perfection on earth, it is too late. It is not too late to resolve

misery’s problems, we must cease our downward path and heal

mother Earth.





The Certainties of Life…



The Certainties of Life…


Life is an uncertain race where

most people do no more than run

in place, there can be happiness,

sadness, and around every corner

a surprise; yet hope blooms.

Life is what one must create within

their allotted space, or sit on the

sidelines and wait leaving their

journey to fate.

Life is not all joy floating upon the

winds of time; there are rights and

wrongs; and unknown quandaries,

setbacks, and living means moving

forward. Life quickly passes, fair and

cloudy days, laughter and tears, and

then the warmth of the sun subsides

ones fears.

Life may mean walking in the valleys

of despair until fate starts an upward

climb, living with happiness, or grief;

always trust the heart and mind.

Life lived in harmony with others,

loving, caring and expectations met;

seeds of livelihood sown, repentance

locked away for God to judge; we strive

and labor until we pass on.