Tomorrow’s Fears…


God did not mean for us to be alone, the

days seem longer than grains of sand by

the sea; nights longer than stars in the

Heavens when the opposite side of the bed

is cold next me.

Tears flow, laughter’s slow; no one there to

challenge the spirit to live with a certain blazing

flare; the joys are now beyond reach, floating

far beyond the nearby reefs.

The truth burns brighter, the earth is no longer

at its best, friends are few; relief comes when the

sun is absorbed by the deep waters to the west.

When one’s eyes are closed and reach for that

invisible hand, speaking softly where only one

can hear; finally fading eyes close, it is only

tomorrow that one fears.




Aging in a Cage…

Crazy old fool moving back and forth, rockers on the chair worn, staring through tattered curtains; windows with bars.

Obscure old fool your seasons are gone; you have no more mountains to climb; hours, days months reliving the rags of time.

Once respected, mind strong, now all day you rock away; aging in an asylum cage declining senses, your fingers cannot hold a pin or brush.

The poems in the mind have no paper, no canvas for images of color, and within your own sphere you know longer care.


“Always searching for words”


Holding on to the past when you need to let go – accepting that there are things in life that should not be. Sometimes letting go is what makes us stronger, happier, and more successful in the end. Yet, writing fiction that is based on the past can be funny, sad or just used as a method of putting the past where it should be…in the past.

These books based on my past, good, bad or indifferent…it was a method of letting go, growing, and thriving in acknowledging many thoughts.

Thank you for your support the book sales are great and all because of you my readers and fellow bloggers.

Elizabeth Ann Johnson-Murphree Poetry Books – A Collection of Poetry