Innocence Breath…

Witless, but fearless, spirit dulled, because innocence no longer knows the meaning of love. Pen moves along an invisible page, each word spews rage. The controller held all of the treasures, love he did obtain. Controller you did not want to know of innocence’s love and pain.

The pen cannot put on paper the words; they cannot be said within innocence breath. Yet will the controller ask why the smile on the innocent ones face when they took their last breath. Sorrow lingers in the twilight, tears fall upon the earth, into the sea; remember the beauty that once was and no longer can be.

Evil creeps while the world sleeps, the fight is lost with the coming of light. Breathing no more, quiet falls upon the sparkling shore; dreadful hours are gone like the wind in the night, soul is now in flight.

There will be no flowers covered by the morning dew, darkness has left and the spirit is once again free and new. What follows this perpetual fate, no longer tears, pain or hate; love no longer tossed away, earthly desires melt away.

Disentangled from humanity, resting in the light of love for eternity; when innocence is dead will a spray of roses crown the hearse, in death innocence will look peaceful, will they instantly go to Heaven or is there nothing but a box of dust; even in death innocence cannot trust.

Hate can be measured by the grains of sand in the sea, no longer a voice, only the flame of destruction left behind remains the same. Deep knowledge of truths cannot be hid even in death no matter how much it is tried. Innocence will leave judgment to all the rest, but the controllers’ heart will remain evil until they take their last breath; and innocence could only be free with their death.


Tears from Heaven

Ask me not where a love taken goes, slips away slowly like summers fading rose. Did it die peacefully or just go to sleep. Did anyone weep? Was it created in heaven, sweet and fair, like the blue sea, sandy beaches and salty air? Was the parting sorrowfully, were screams heard over the darkening skies and midnight storm. Will the world cry now that innocence has died?

Hope leaves, innocence mourns, smiles vanish, and innocence weeps for the friends that are gone, buried, stilled. Dark clouds hang above, the days endless, innocence has but one fear…the controller may come here! Innocence light vanished, waiting in fear and doubt, is what I feel upon my face tears from Heaven. Is it Heaven’s tears that innocence sheds?





Was love created by hands divine, an Adonis carved from the Master?

Could innocence never be happier, the love created, did turn to hate.

The Heavens created time, did innocence’s’ create love.

To shroud a soul in pain and hate, now the life of innocence which

the Master created …evil will take.


Life’s Decay

Hope, passion, the simplicity of love so plain, enfolding together in one thought; evil no more.

Mute are the vows forgotten, worthless in evils presence. No joy, no laughter only decaying lies.

When innocence is dead, no one will know why, evil will have made the capture of the senses complete.

No one will profess to know that evil is the killer.

Yet, God will know when you are revealed in the Nakedness of your evil self.