The Last Chapter

thOF0MZLDMThe Last Chapter…


Life is a mystery novel, chapter after

Chapter, words painting every scene;

Leaving the mind filled with anticipation.


Each day viewed with the trusting mind

Of a child, innocence shades the memory,

Memories hide in the mind

Can time change one’s past…No, and the

Future is unknown. Life is a sailing ship

Upon the waves of what is soon to be



Where dreams may be lost upon turbulent

Seas, disparagement rains unkindly upon the

Unaware. The guilty accepts no fault or

Responsibilities for a life that they may have

Brought fear and tears.


They do not have remorse, nor do they care.

Chapter after chapter, existence torn and

Ripped apart; the guilty never feel shame, nor

Show that they have a heart.

When one reaches the last chapter and the

End draws near, one’s mind returns to a

Childlike place, a place without tears and

Peace replaces the old fears.


No need to grieve that no one cared, no need

To be sad or try to bring back the good times in

Your yesterdays; the grieving will soon end and

One will no longer yearn for the love never there.


Now one’s heart beats alone and yet sometimes

Briefly filled with grief for those hearts that were

Long ago stilled.


Did sacrifice of the one-heart change how the

Guilty chose to live when the space they occupied

Is empty and the one-heart moved on; do the spirits

Of the guilty wander forever questioning where they

Went wrong.


With the last page read and the book closed

Shut, the one-heart watch page-by- page, chapter-

By-chapter many lives unfold; and the one-heart is

Left to wonder if re-written would a new story be









Pious Fools

Sharing the creation process when writing Pious Fools…

Life is the summation of experiences encountered as we go through life; challenges, choices, never walking the same path twice. Our decisions throughout life have consequence.  These choices may seem to echo throughout the universe though they dwell within the tiny circle of our own lives. Many writers like myself draw upon life’s’ experiences to create poetry, prose, all fiction based upon life occurrences. I believe when we have created a piece that gives the reader cause to reflect on the subject that we are writing; we as writers have met our goals. We have went to that place within ourselves to find answers, we have ask the questions and try to create something of substance from the words that have been given to us. The wish for me is the same as I wish for all of you; that may the well of words never dry up…and that each of us will always have that unquenchable thirst to write.

“The piece below was created from the death of a parent and the greed of relatives that count the minutes; however, in the end their guilt is timeless.” Eajm



Pious Fools…

I did not see my mother shut her weary eyes,

I was not allowed to say a final good-bye; she

simply went to sleep while those around her

thought about the coffers they would soon reap.

Like painted whores around the coffin thinking

only of the win, no thought that the consequence

of their gain; carrying around their lifelong sin.

I frown when I hear church bells ring, I find discontent

in the songs the pious sing; born under a lifetime curse,

and I have always search for self-fulfillment and worth.

Do not fret about me as I have walked this way before,

I have always heard the transgressors mighty roar; living

in silence, living a nightmare, who cares.

As these piousness fools thought they could live, break all of God’s rules; living

without the end result in mind, now they feel the fear of pain;

reliving their guilt again and again.