Rubble of Yesterday…

Promises of the mind set aside in the days of youth;

visions stored in a hopeful place to become dim

memories and fade away.

A glimpse into the window of twilight time lays the

tombstones of yesterday’s promises; rubble covered

with reminiscent vine.

Embers burn within the soul, no peace can one find;

there are fewer tomorrows, weep for the uncertainty

of the future and of dreams left behind.

If you could turn back time would you trust your heart

to relive your life. Would you accept the future whatever

it may be, would you disregard truth and trust what your

eyes see?

Yesterday’s promises are hidden dreams, try to find new

excitement in your life, rid yourself of turmoil and strife.

Wake up your conscious your journey is not yet over, there

are new mountains to climb, forget the rubble of yesterday,

use wisely your time.


Beyond Today…


Beyond Today…


Why does the mind’s eye not see the future?

Does this fog of mystery intentionally obscure

Visions of tomorrow?


Would human intellect be unable to cope with

The naked

Landscape of truth?


Only the spirit knows the endless land beyond



Its perfection

Its tranquility

Its infinity.


Why is the mind’s eye blind to the acceptance of

Living for today?